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With the changes in life, we must make the decision
eventually to downsize into a smaller home, retirement
community, assisted living or to a family member's home. Sometimes one just needs to liquidate an estate for
unexpected expenses or due to the death or illness of a
family member or maybe as a result of a divorce. How
do you handle this on your own, without the time or
experience in pricing your belongings or handling the
traffic flow and security throughout your home? If
you live out of town it is difficult to handle set up,
pricing, security, clean up and clean out. You need
someone that is trusted in the community that can take
charge of your belongings and carryout a concise,
thorough plan of attack bringing your estate liquidation
to completion.

How do you find a great Memphis Estate Sales 

Once you have a name of an estate sale company, we suggest you check out their website. If they are legitimate and worth employing they will have a professional website with plenty of information to help you feel comfortable with their company. You should look for an informative interesting website with more features than just contact information.

Secondly, invite them for a visit. If you are not comfortable with them, try another company. You are hiring a company to do an important job for you. You should have complete confidence they will deliver what they say.

Thirdly, ask for a couple references. If they don't have some readily available, you might ask yourself, "why." After all, nobody can tell you about an estate sale company's professionalism better than a customer that has experience with them..

Thank you for checking us out!!!

Memphis Estate Sales is your complete and total Memphis antiques and property liquidation solution. We manage full and partial Estate Sales, Business/Collection Liquidations, Buy-outs and Online Auction Sales. We will typically do sales within 75 miles of Memphis, including Germantown, Bartlett, Collierville, Millington, North Mississippi, Jackson, TN and Eastern Arkansas. We have the expertise to handle your estate liquidation or Memphis estate sale and would love to hear from you.

Read the "About" section to find out more information about Memphis Estate Sale Company.

Read the Projects section to see specifics about our different liquidation options.


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